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The Documentary Edge E-Newsletter / Issue 43 – April 2011

Kia ora!

Documentary Edge Festival 2011 is over and we reveal the top 10 films in each city. A survey that was taken during the Festival is now available online. Submissions for Documentary Edge Festival 2012 are now open on WAB. Documentary Edge Campus is now open to the public and Docu72 will be held on the last weekend in August.

Here is the latest from the Documentary Edge Hub.

The Documentary Edge Team

1. Documentary Edge Festival 2012 – Submissions open

The end of one Festival marks the beginning of the next one. Documentary Edge Festival 2012 is now open for submissions via Withoutabox (WAB). There are 4 deadlines and we encourage you to submit early to enjoy a low entry fee.



Please read the Rules and Regulations prior to completing your submission/s.  

2. Documentary Edge Festival 2011 – Top 10

Documentary Edge Festival 2011 is over and we would like to thank the over 10,000 people who’ve attended it. Your support of the Festival is fantastic and we can now reveal your favourite films in each city:

The top 10 films in Auckland:

1.  The People vs George Lucas, USA
2.  Enemies of the People, KHM/UK
3.  Dirty Bloody Hippies, NZL
4.  Into Eternity, DNK/FIN
5.  South of the Border, USA
6.  El Bulli – Cooking in Progress, GER
7.  Erasing David, UK
8.  Donated to Science, NZL
9.  Jane’s Journey, GER
10. I.M. Pei – Building China Modern, CNH/USA

The top 10 films in Wellington:

1.  The People vs George Lucas, USA
2.  South of the Border, USA
3.  El Bulli – Cooking in Progress, GER
4.  Enemies of the People, KHM/UK
5.  Hey, Boo Harper Lee and ‘To Kill A Mockingbird', USA
6.  Into Eternity, DNK/FIN
7.  Dirty Bloody Hippies, NZL
8.  Landscapes At The World’s Ends and Lest We Forget, NZL
9.  My Perestroika, USA/UK
10. Erasing David, UK

3. Festival Survey

During the Documentary Edge Festival 2011, we conducted a short written survey with the audiences at the cinema premises. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. This will definitely provide us with valuable feedback on how you feel about your experience with the Festival and we will take that to improve our future Festivals. Therefore, for those who miss it and are keen to spare a few minutes to tell us about what you think, we have now made the survey online here (hyperlink) for a limited time. A winner will be drawn from all the surveys submitted to win wine and DVDs. We will announce the winner in the next newsletter.

4. Documentary Edge Campus – Now open

We are excited to announce that Documentary Edge Campus - New Zealand’s first resource centre for documentary films and other materials - is now open to the public.
Supported by some seed funding from SKYCITY Community Trust to set it up, the Campus is located at:

Level 1, 114 Ponsonby Road, Auckland
Opening hours : Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm 
The Campus includes 4 viewing stations and a catalogue of close to 200 films.
Users may book a station for a 2-hour period by calling us at (09) 36 00 329.

The Campus usage is free of charge, however, Koha donations and sponsorships are welcome to help with the development, operation and running of the Campus.
We are accepting donations to the Campus, so if you have any documentary materials (books, magazines, etc) that you wish to donate, please contact us at

5. Docu72 – Last weekend in August

Docu72 is changing the time at which it will be run, from July to late August this year. Thank you for those who have already registered, and check out the blog if you haven't already.

6. What’s Up Doc?

7. Calls for documentary submissions


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